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Enjoy 1x 100 ml Loewensenf Extra Hot in the tube!

Ingredients: MUSTARD SEED, brandy vinegar, drinking water, salt.

Allergen information: Contains: mustard and mustard products.

Country of origin: Imported from Germany!

Loewensenf extra HOT 100ml

SKU: 6004
100 Milliliters
  • Packaging unit: 1 tube = 100 ml

    The mustard tastes very good pure with grilled sausage or steak, or as a refinement of marinades and sauces.

    Brand: Löwensenf

    Features: Vegetarian

    Storage conditions:

    * Store refrigerated at 0-4 ° C after opening

    * unopened tube can be kept for at least 45 days minimum

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