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BMS prepare a smooth, hearty ragout with pieces of beef, divide our batch in multiple round bars, and roll these individually in a very thin layer of batter. Of course no added preservatives and no artificial additives.

Ingredients: Beef, Onion, Butter, Flour, Breading, Beef stock, Egg white, Water, Herbs and Spices.


Beef croquettes 4pcs

SKU: 6017
320 Grams
  • Size: diameter 3 cm, 10cm long, about 80g weight per piece

    Packaging unit:  1pack = 4 pieces > about 320g per pack

    BMS Beef croquettes can be eaten as a side dish or as a snack.

    As a snack cut a fresh white bread roll in half, cover the bottom with a thin layer of mayonnaise or butter, and the top with a healthy layer of mustard. Squeeze the croquette in-between the halves, and enjoy!

    Deep fry in full frozen condition for 4.5 min. at 170°C

    Storage conditions:

    * Store frozen at  >-18 ° C

    * frozen packaging can be kept for at least 90 days

    * Consume within 3 days after opening the packaging

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