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BMS Bami is a delicate mixture of short-chopped noodles, vegetables, spices and noodles.

Inside it is filled with egg, garlic, onion, carrot, bell pepper, leek, chili, egg white, bread, herbs and spices.

It is formed into the shape of a large hockey puck.

Bami noodle 4pcs (Bami Schijf)

SKU: 6016
320 Grams
  • Size: diameter 7 cm, 2.5 cm thick, about 80g weight per piece

    Packaging unit:  1pack = 4 pieces > about 320g per pack

    BMS Bami noodle snack is best consumed as a standalone snack, it goes well with some French fries and a small salad on the side.

    Deep fry in full frozen condition for 4.5 min. at 170°C

    Storage conditions:

    * Store frozen at > -18 ° C

    * frozen packaging can be kept for at least 90 days

    * Consume within 3 days after opening the packaging

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